All Hail the King!

All Hail the King!

I vividly remember the first time that I tried the notorious and much debated king of niche perfume, Creed Aventus. For years I had been toying with the idea of spending the best part of £300 on a perfume that I had never smelt. The prestige of it was so encapsulating yet also quite intimidating to an enthusiast that would typically spend £50 or £60 on perfumes that I would purely wear on special occasions. It was mysterious to me. Why did it cost so much? Is any perfume really worth that much money? There had to be a reason why I had heard so much about it. I had to know!

It was quite a few years ago that I ventured to a big notorious department store intimidated by the prospect of trying something that to me (at the time) was so damned expensive. But...try it I did and I fell in love with it right away. I remember there being this incredible opening of the pineapple, citrus and these deep wood notes that drew me in. The combination was truly magnificent. The sillage and longevity was enormous and I had never smelt anything quite like it before! It really was incredible.

The following day I could still smell the immensely masculine, musky dry down on the jumper that I'd worn into town. Said jumper was washed and dried and yet the scent remained. It was like temptation was calling me to part with all my good earned money.

I had never owned a niche perfume before. Like many, Creed Aventus was to be my first venture into the most extraordinary world of niche perfumes. It opened my eyes to a whole new world where you could find unique signature scents that truly made you stand out from the crowd. It was the uniqueness, the quality of the ingredients and the master perfumery that defined them in an otherwise world of perfume mediocrity.

Having raved about Creed Aventus for so, so, long, my wife surprised me one day with a bottle of Creed Aventus in all it's majesty. I was so appreciative. I knew it had cost an incredible amount of money. To this day it is my most worn fragrance. I wear it everywhere, for any occasion, day or night. No other fragrance has been complimented on me as much as Creed Aventus has. It is an absolute complement bomb!

Nowadays it has been copied numerous times by both clone companies and designer houses wanting to cash in on that very special Aventus profile. To me though the original can never be surpassed and I will always have a bottle of it standing proud in my collection. If you ask me today "is it still worth all that money?". Absolutely. 100% yes. Go and get it!

Creed Aventus holds such special memories for me, so I am incredibly proud to be able to stock this many years later at my very own niche perfume store. Whether you're just dipping your toe into niche perfumes or restocking a much loved favourite be sure to stop by The Niche Perfume Company for your bottle of Aventus.

All hail the king!